Seinfeld support group for seinaholics or people addicted to seinfeld

The Funniest Show on Television

I made this site because I am addicted to Seinfeld and it is my favorite show.
I plan to continually update this site as much as possible so if you are addicted to Seinfeld too, continue to check back for more amazing Seinfeld stuff to come.

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12/13/02 -- Bad news, I finally was going to update all of the sounds, and when I went to upload them I discovered Tripod had changed my webspace ' from 50 MB to 20. This sucks. If anyone knows any site that gives 50 MB free e-mail me and maybe someday I can put it up. -- 3671 hits
P.S. Thanks for all the hits!

11/30/01 -- Well, its been awhile. I've been busier than I thought and I didnt have the time to update the site. I have updated the sound of the month and my e-mail, and I will try to keep this site updated as much as possible. -- 737 hits