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12/13/02 -- Bad news, I finally was going to update all of the sounds, and when I went to upload them I discovered Tripod had changed my webspace ' from 50 MB to 20. This sucks. If anyone knows any site that gives 50 MB free e-mail me and maybe someday I can put it up. -- 3671 hits P.S. Thanks for all the hits!
11/30/01 -- Well, its been awhile. I've been busier than I thought and I didnt have the time to update the site. I have updated the sound of the month and my e-mail, and I will try to keep this site updated as much as possible. -- 737 hits

10/22/01 -- Well, I haven't updated the site in 2 weeks because I had a big paper due, and I can't get the schedule from the same place anymore. Sorry, I will try to get the schedule back up for next week. -- 609 hits!

10/07/01 -- I have updated the schedule but I don't have alot of free time. I don't know when I'll be able to put the rest of the sounds up. Sorry. -- 524 hits.

10/01/01 -- I have updated the schedule and put up a new sound of the month, but unfortunately I was unable to put up the George sounds. Maybe this week. -- 483 hits.

9/23/01 -- I have updated the schedule and hopefully I will put the George sounds up this week. -- 445 hits.

9/17/01 -- Sorry I wasn't able to upload the sounds as soon as I would have liked, but there are now 41 NEW Jerry Sounds! -- 412 hits.

9/15/01 -- I have updated the schedule for next week and I hope to begin adding the new sounds in sections tomorrow. I would start first with Jerry and go down the line. -- 399 hits.

9/09/01 -- Unfortunately, since school has started, I will not be able to make alot of updates but I will do my best. The schedule is updated and I am contemplating what kind of format I will use for the sounds. (By the way 255 new sounds). -- 362 hits.

9/02/01 -- I have updated the Sound of the Month and the Schedule. Surprisingly I am still collecting sounds. I have 250 NEW sounds to put up and not many more to collect. Are you excited? GOOD. -- 321 hits.

8/29/01 -- My site has just eclipsed 300 hits! Your input is important to me for the Sounds dilemma because this site is for YOU. Everything I put on this site is for all of you Seinaholics so please e-mail me with your preference, Thanks. -- 301 hits.

8/28/01 -- No updates as of yet because I am still collecting sounds. As of today I have 204 new sounds, BUT I am still collecting more which could be as many as 50-100 more sounds. So 204 new ones + the 88 I have up now, + how many more I get, IS ALOT OF SOUNDS. -- 293 hits.
8/26/01 -- The Schedule is updated and everyone will be happy to know that as of now I have 118 new sounds to upload, but I still need to get some more. I think I may be able to claim that my site has the MOST Seinfeld Sounds on the web. Exciting isn't it. But they will take forever to upload and I will probably have to redo the sounds section seeing as how such a small format would not do well with more than 200 sounds on it. -- 277 hits.

8/23/01 -- Well its been a few days since the last update, but you won't be disappointed because the Episode Guides are finished!!!!! Next on my to-do list includes some updated sounds and the quiz. -- 260 hits.

8/19/01 -- I have finished section 6 of the Episode Guides and updated the schedule. -- 241 hits.

8/16/01 -- I have finished section 4 and 5 of the Episode Guides. Hey they're almost done! -- 228 hits.

8/14/01 -- I have finished section 3 of the Episode Guides and because of some technical problems I change the format of that section. -- 210 hits.

8/13/01 -- I have redone the pictures page and also added new pictures to every category. The site has also been accepted into the Seinfeld Web Ring. -- 198 hits.

8/11/01 -- I have completed Season 2 of the Episode guides, updated the schedule, and added some Seinfacts at the bottom of the page. Enjoy! -- 178 hits.

8/09/01 -- I'm back and I have put up the Episode guide section although only season 1 is finished. The rest will be put up as soon as they are finished and you can find the guides by clicking the Seinguide button. I have also submitted my site to search engines. -- 157 hits.

8/04/01 -- I put up some interactive javascript on the main page and working a little magic, I was able to put the banners at the bottom of the pages and will try to do so for my other pages too. I will be leaving tomorrow. -- 131 hits.

8/03/01 -- The new schedule is up for next week, status is the same for the episode guides, and I still need more trivia questions for the quiz. This will be the last update for the next couple of days because I am going away on a college visit. I will be back at it Wednesday. -- 130 hits.

7/29/01 -- The new icons section has been added and work is slowly progressing on the episode guides. -- 103 hits.

7/28/01 -- The schedule for next week has been added and look for a new section with icons in the next few days. -- 100 hits.

7/27/01 -- Its a little early, but there is a new sound of the month, and work is progressing on the Episode guides. Also, if anyone has a medium/hard multiple choice trivia question (4 choices)please e-mail it to me. -- 94 hits.

7/25/01 -- Again, sorry no updates. I've been a little busy but the schedule 4 next week will be up and I will continue on the episode guides. -- 89 hits.

7/18/01 -- Sorry, no updates yet. I am currently working on episode guides for every episode. -- 78 hits

7/17/01 -- 7/17/01 -- The Seinfeld schedule is complete. Now you can see which Seinfeld is on which night. -- 77 hits.

7/14/01 -- New link added to the links page and a Seinfeld Schedule web page has been added telling you what Seinfeld is on which night. -- 72 hits

7/12/01 -- New Pics have been added to all pics pages.

7/11/01 -- New Sounds have been added and I need to make thumbnails of some new pics which will be up soon.

7/10/01 -- New buttons have been added, the Home page and Trivia page have been updated, and Some links on the link page have been fixed.

I don't remember when I created this site, but I have had it at 2 other places where you can see what it used to look like and offer.

1st At , then at , and now here at Tripod.