Season 6

The Chaperone The Big Salad The Pledge Drive The Chinese Woman The Couch
The Gymnast The Soup The Mom & Pop Store The Secretary The Race
The Switch The Label Maker The Scofflaw Highlights of a Hundred The Beard
The Kiss Hello The Doorman The Jimmy The Doodle The Fusili Jerry
The Diplomats' Club The Understudy

#86 -- The Chaperone

Original Air Date: 9/22/94

As George is suggesting changes in the team's uniforms, at a Yankee game with Elaine, Jerry meets Karen Hanson, the Miss America contestant from Rhode Island. Because pageant rules forbid her from going out alone, when Jerry learns Karen's regular chaperone is unavailable he asks Kramer to fill in. Meanwhile, Elaine interviews for Jacqueline Onassis' old job at a big publishing house. And, though turned down for the editor's spot, a chance encounter with the former First Lady's companion leads to her working as his assistant. Claiming extensive knowledge of the pageant and its history, Kramer readily accepts the offer to chaperone. But, after he steadfastly refuses Jerry's suggestion that he keep a low profile, the date is ruined when Kramer is hired as Karen's pageant consultant. As Kramer sets out to make Karen the next Miss America, Jerry invites George to Atlantic City for the pageant weekend, though Elaine is unable to join them because new boss Justin Pitt desperately needs new socks. Meanwhile, after giving Yankee player Danny Tartabull some tips on his swing, George convinces manager Buck Showalter to switch from polyester to cotton uniforms. As Kramer prepares Karen for the pageant and Elaine struggles to find just the right socks for her demanding boss, Jerry and George are disturbed by some noisy birds outside their hotel room window. However, after Jerry uses a bucket of water to quiet them, Karen wakes to find the trained doves for her magic act have been mysteriously drowned. Suspecting they were murdered, Kramer then spots the telltale ice bucket and accuses Jerry of sabotaging Karen's chances at becoming Miss America. Forced to sing in the talent competition instead, Karen is roundly booed by a hostile pageant crowd as Jerry, George, Elaine and Justin all watch on TV. Finally, George's idea becomes a nightmare for the Yankees when the new uniforms shrink after their first washing.

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#87 -- The Big Salad

Original Air Date: 9/29/94

After Elaine gives an aggressive stationery store salesman Jerry's phone number to call about the expensive mechanical pencil she ordered for her boss, she asks George and his new girlfriend to pick up a salad for her. Although George paid for the lunch, because Julie handed the salad to Elaine, she gets thanked for buying it. Meanwhile, following an argument with Kramer at the golf course, ex-baseball star Steve Gendason is suspected of murdering a dry cleaner. With Julie off to meet her mother, George complains about the salad incident as Jerry is disturbed to learn that his date for the evening was once dumped by Newman. Told that Barry made a special trip just to get the pencil she ordered, having already found one someplace else, Elaine realizes she is going to have to tell him sooner or later. After Elaine tells Julie of George's petty complaint, Jerry learns that Newman found Margaret unattractive. Worried that their argument precipitated the killing, Kramer decides to clear his conscience by seeing Gendason in person. Pressed by Julie about his remark, George denies ever being upset about the salad, while Elaine's guilt causes her to reluctantly accept a date with Barry. Meanwhile, when Jerry cannot get over the thought of her dating Newman, after throwing him out of her car, Margaret ends their relationship. Finally, as George complains about Elaine's lack of discretion, Kramer and Gendason surprise everyone as they flee the police on the New Jersey Turnpike.

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#88 -- The Pledge Drive

Original Air Date: 10/06/94

Told that she was flirting with Jerry, Elaine calls to question her friend Noreen. But when she mistakes a high voice for that of her friend, Elaine creates big problems by speaking with Noreen's jealous boyfriend Danny instead. After sending a card thanking Jerry for participating in an upcoming public television pledge drive, Kristin is upset to find it in his trash. Struggling to redeem himself, Jerry then offers some old birthday cards from his grandmother Nana he saved as evidence of his sentimentality. Meanwhile, when Kramer discovers the uncashed checks Nana sent as gifts, Jerry is persuaded to finally deposit them before asking George for a Yankee to join him at the pledge drive. When Elaine notes that Jusrin eats candy bars with a knife and fork, George insists the technique is common among high society. Then, after accusing a waitress of discretely making an obscene gesture with her finger, George gets Danny Tartabull for the pledge drive, while Jerry's deposits cause an overdraft at Nana's old bank. Meanwhile, as she admits to being confused by Danny's high voice, Elaine notices Noreen eating a cookie with a knife and fork, while Tartabull's trip to the pledge drive is interrupted when George follows another driver he thinks made an obscene gesture. After Uncle Leo discovers she is missing, Nana calls Jerry from the bank, but Elaine hangs up after mistaking her voice for Noreen's boyfriend Danny. Arriving at the PBS studio, Jerry learns Nana is home safe, while Noreen's boyfriend shows up and is held off by Kramer, who takes his high voice to mean he is gay. Meanwhile, George stops the allegedly offensive driver only to discover he has a splint on his finger. As Nana calls the pledge drive after seeing Jerry on television, Kramer also mistakes her for Danny. Realizing his error, he quickly apologizes and convinces her to donate $1,500. Forced to cover his poor grandmother's pledge, Jerry receives a less-than-flattering card from Kristin, while Elaine sees everyone adopting Justin's unusual eating habit.

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#89 -- The Chinese Woman

Original Air Date: 10/13/94

After seeing Frank Costanza walking with a man in a cape, a phone call to George accidentally puts Jerry in touch with Donna Chang. Realizing that a problem with the phone lines has connected them, and thinking she is Chinese, Jerry uses the opportunity to make a date with Donna. When a discussion of his underwear turns to sperm counts, Kramer worries that a lifetime of Jockey shorts may have left him depleted, while Elaine is annoyed when her friend Noreen's new boyfriend Paul makes unnecessary small talk on the phone. While Kramer's trip to a fertility clinic confirms his low sperm count, Jerry is disappointed to discover Donna Chang is not really Chinese despite her efforts to make everyone think so. However, he doesn't let the deception stop him from making another date as he warns Elaine that her habit of hanging up on Paul might create suspicions that Noreen is having an affair. Told of the mysterious caped man, George unsuccessfully probes his father for details before Donna claims that her own long conversation with Estelle revealed she and Frank are getting a divorce. Unwilling to double the amount of time he already spends seeing his parents, George suspects that the caped man is behind the divorce and sets out to remedy the situation. When Noreen breaks up with Paul, Kramer asks Elaine to put in a good word for him before revealing he solved his underwear problem by not wearing any at all. Feeling responsible, Elaine goes to see Noreen and only makes matters worse when she suggests that Paul is boring. Yet, when Noreen again takes her advice to heart, Elaine realizes she holds far too much influence over her friend. Unaware that Donna has already talked Estelle out of the divorce, George goes to his parent's house to confront the caped man. After offering to mediate their reconciliation, he learns that the stranger is his father's lawyer and that Estelle changed her mind after receiving some sage advice from Donna. But, when Donna and Jerry arrive for dinner and Estelle learns she isn't Chinese, she decides the advice was not so wise after all and resumes her plan for a divorce, Meanwhile, upon calling Noreen, Elaine gets Kramer who, claiming she exercises too much influence over her friend, refuses to let the two women speak with each other. Finally, as Elaine complains about her loss of influence and Kramer announces that he may soon be a father, Noreen is saved from suicide by the sudden arrival of the caped man.

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#90 -- The Couch

Original Air Date: 10/27/94

With the arrival of Jerry's new couch, Elaine takes a serious interest in his furniture mover. As she seductively arranges for Carl to deliver the old couch to her apartment, Kramer announces that he and the restaurant owner Poppie are opening a place where customers make their own pizza. While he and Elaine are eating at Poppie's, Jerry's innocent remark about the restaurateur's mother brings back painful memories of her death after surviving for twelve years in a Communist labor camp. Anxiously awaiting the special duck dinner Kramer arranged for them, Elaine criticism of another restaurant owner's anti-abortion views prompts Jerry to ask Poppie's opinion, too. Meanwhile, George joins a book club to impress his latest girlfriend. But, finding it difficult to get interested in Breakfast at Tiffany's, he decides to rent the video instead. Despite being told of his mother's abortion at the hands of her oppressors, Elaine's disagrees with Poppie's anti-choice position. As a result, she and several other patrons leave the restaurant without eating -- or paying! Claiming their argument resulted in Poppie being hospitalized, Kramer insists that Jerry and Elaine send him a get well gift. Yet, unaware that he suffers from an intestinal disorder when they send wine and hot chili, Poppie assumes Jerry and Elaine are trying to kill him with a sick practical joke. After tracking down the customer who has already rented Breakfast at Tiffany's, George invites himself to stay and watch it. But when he makes himself at home, he quickly irritates Joe Temple, his wife and their ever-suspicious daughter, Remy. While at Kramer's apartment to test their pizza idea, Poppie drops in to ask that Jerry pay for the expensive uneaten duck. But when Poppie leaves, Jerry notices that he urinated on the new couch. Unable to live with the stain, he asks Elaine for his old couch back as George agrees to take the one Poppie ruined. However, when Carl comes to pick it up, an accident mars the old couch, too. Meanwhile, as Elaine learns that Carl is also against abortion, Kramer's deal with Poppie collapses when they disagree over using cucumbers on pizza. Finally, George's careless analysis of Breakfast at Tiffany's fails to impress the book club.

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#91 -- The Gymnast

Original Air Date: 11/03/94

With George on his way to meet his girlfriend's mom, and Kramer heading to pick up his new 3-D art poster from Elaine, Jerry announces he is dating a former Rumanian Olympic gymnast. As George defends the unusual habit of taking off his shirt while using the bathroom, Jerry hints that he is about to end the relationship with Anka. However, Kramer and George encourage him to stick with it, if only for the unique sexual possibilities. Meanwhile, Mr. Pitt becomes so obsessed with Kramer's 3-D poster that he sends Elaine to represent him at an important board meeting. But as she is discussing a merger between two mineral water companies, she jeopardizes the deal with questions about the new name. Arriving at the end of a party, George impresses Lindsay's mother with his offer to help clean up. However, when Mrs. Enright catches him eating a pastry he salvaged from the garbage, he struggles to explain. Though failing to persuade Jerry that there is nothing unusual about eating out of the trash, George does convince Lindsay to give him another chance. As Kramer struggles with a kidney stone, Jerry's interest in Anka is piqued upon seeing a tape of her Olympic performance. But after she disappoints him in bed, he calculates how much longer he needs to see Anka before breaking up. Meanwhile, as a result of his carelessness, George is forced to wash the car window of an angry motorist --only to be spotted by Mrs. Enright. Counting the days until he can drop her with a clear conscience, Jerry joins Anka at the circus to see her former Olympic teammate Misha perform his high wire act. Meanwhile, after chastising Elaine about the water deal, Pitt continues to be obsessed with the 3-D picture and risks missing another important meeting. But Elaine forces him to go -- even though he is unaware that a series of improbable accidents have left him resembling Adolf Hitler. As Kramer's passing of his kidney stone at the circus disrupts Misha's concentration and causes him to fall, George again upsets Mrs. Enright when he emerges from her bathroom without his shirt. Finally, Mr. Pitt's unwitting impression of Hitler stuns the board meeting, while Jerry learns that Anka only pursued their relationship because of an old Romanian tale which claims that comedians are unusually virile.

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#92 -- The Soup

Original Air Date: 11/10/94

Persuaded that she was flirting with him, George asks the waitress at Monk's coffee shop on a date. However, when his carefree discussion of horse manure prompts Kelly to casually mention a boyfriend, Jerry suspects she made it up in order to avoid going out with George again. Then, Jerry is offered a free suit by a comedian he doesn't especially like. But when comic Kenny Bania delivers it, there's a catch --he wants Jerry to take him out for dinner in return. Yet, Kenny only orders a bowl of soup, so he and Jerry argue over whether it fulfills their deal. Meanwhile, Elaine invites a man she just met in England to visit and, before long, Simon begins taking advantage of her hospitality. With Kramer dating a waitress at Reggie's, George asks him to find out if Kelly really has a boyfriend. During Jerry's quarrelsome lunch with Kenny, Kramer reveals that she doesn't. As Elaine looks forward to his return home, Jerry decides to rid himself of the suit once and for all by giving it to Simon -- only to have Kenny ask for it back. Then, after picking up another woman while wearing it, Simon postpones his return indefinitely. Meanwhile, only after getting rid of his refrigerator for health reasons does Kramer learn that his new girlfriend Hildy has a medical condition which requires her to eat nearly all the time. Uncomfortable going back to Monk's, George persuades his friends to try Reggie's instead. But Jerry and Elaine don't like it, so George speaks with the manager and quickly finds they are no longer welcome. Claiming that Kelly should quit so he can return, George sets out to get rid of her. And when Kramer's repeated calls to Reggie's get Hildy fired, he knows just how he'll do it. But George is unaware that Kelly has already quit, so his phone calls only irritate the manager, who says that he never wants to see him at Monk's again. Finally, as Kenny arrives at Monk's to ask Kelly for a date, he gets a chance to get his suit back when Simon drops by, too.

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#93 -- The Mom & Pop Store

Original Air Date: 11/17/94

Told that their neighborhood shoe repair store is in danger of failing, Jerry lets Kramer take his sneakers in to be cleaned. But when a nosebleed forces him to lie down in the store, Kramer spots some dangerous wiring and warns Mom & Pop to have it fixed. With all of his spare shoes out to be cleaned, Jerry is forced to wear an uncomfortable pair of cowboy boots as he worries about getting invited to dentist Tim Whatley's Thanksgiving Eve party. But when he asks Elaine to help, she hesitates, wanting to maintain a certain mystique in order to get a date with Tim. As George claims to have bought a used car once owned by actor Jon Voight, Mr. Pitt uses Elaine's knowledge of music to win a spot holding the Woody Woodpecker balloon at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Out for a ride in the new car, Jerry finds something which suggests it was owned by someone other than the actor. And when George throws him out for his insolence, Jerry is mugged! With their electrical problems only making matters worse, Mom & Pop quietly close down and leave town with Jerry's shoes. Meanwhile, during another nosebleed, Kramer spots Jon Voight. But when he tries to ask about the car, he ends up getting bit by the frightened actor. Still without an invitation, Jerry arrives at the party hoping to fmd a dentist who can help him with his mugging injuries, while George looks for someone who can match Kramer's bite marks with those on a pencil he found in the car. Though Tim inadvertently contaminates the pencil with his own teeth, George ends up learning the car was owned by John Voight, a dentist. Meanwhile, with her hearing damaged by loud music, Elaine doesn't hear Tim when he asks her for a date. Finally, after Jerry accidentally pops the parade's Woody Woodpecker balloon, he and Kramer recreate a scene right out of "Midnight Cowboy" as they board a bus for New Jersey after learning his sneakers are being sold at a garage sale by Mom & Pop.

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#94 -- The Secretary

Original Air Date: 12/08/94

While looking for a secretary, George passes up a number of very attractive applicants to hire Ada, a dowdy and prim woman with impeccable qualifications. However, while working late, George is seduced by her efficiency and superb organization. And, in the heat of passion, he promises Ada a raise. Meanwhile, after buying an expensive dress she later decides makes her look fat, Elaine concludes she was duped by the store's deceptive mirrors. And, when Kramer meets actress Uma Thurman, he borrows a dry cleaning ticket from Jerry to write down her phone number. Thinking he saw he dry cleaner of wearing his jacket, Jerry suspicions are confirmed when he finds movie tickets in the pocket. Accusing him of wearing it, Jerry asks to be given his mother's fur coat out of storage. Yet, without the cleaning ticket he gave Kramer, Jerry cannot get the fur back. While waiting for Elaine to exchange her dress, Kramer is approached by Kenny Bania with an offer to buy his suit for $300. So, as Elaine sneaks out to use another store's mirror, Jerry arrives to find Kramer waiting in a dressing room for some clothes. Told that he sold the suit, Jerry says it has his cleaning ticket, the one with Uma Thurman's phone number on it. Thouh agreeing to buy Bania two dinners in exchange for the receipt, he finds that a leaky tube of moisturizer obliterated everything on the claim check. After deciding not to buy the dress, Elaine discovers she has no choice after it picks up a stain outside. Meanwhile, after George makes a successful case for Ada's raise, he learns that she will now be making more money than him. So, he turns to Steinbrenner to get a raise for himself. Then, Jerry catches the cleaner's wife wearing the fur and demands that she give it back, ticket or no ticket. But, while wearing it to cover himself, Kramer is pursued by some angry anti-fur passersby. Finally, as Jerry makes good on their deal, Bania rushes off for his date with a woman whose phone number he found in Kramer's suit.

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#95 -- The Race

Original Air Date: 12/15/94

After learning that his new girlfriend Lois works for high school classmate Duncan Meyer, Jerry tells Elaine of their longstanding dispute over an inadvertent head start in a race, one which crowned Jerry as the school's fastest runner. Meanwhile, after her argument with a Chinese restaurant deliveryman, George finds evidence that Elaine's new boyfriend is a Communist. As Elaine confronts Ned, George answers a personals ad from a Communist Party newspaper. And, unaware that his secretary Ada is listening, he claims to be a longtime Communist in order to get a date. Then, after Kramer is hired as a department store Santa Claus, Ned's observations, about the working conditions cause him to think twice about the job. When George drops by during lunch and pretends they haven't seen each other in years, he tells Duncan and Lois that Jerry won the race fair and square. However, as George uses the opportunity to portray himself as a millionaire, Jerry is goaded into running the race again. With many old classmates coming to see the rematch, Jerry decides not to run. But, Duncan's threat to fire Lois forces him to reconsider. Meanwhile, Elaine's lying gets Ned banned by the Chinese restaurant, too, while Kramer's Communist propaganda costs him and his elf their jobs. Asked to answer the charge that he is a Communist, George suddenly finds himself being sent to Havana to sign baseball players for the Yankees. At the race, Jerry mistakes a car's backfire for the starter's gun. As a result, his healthy head stan allows him to win once again. Finally, George discovers some eerie parallels between Fidel Castro and Yankee owner George Steinbrenner.

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#96 -- The Switch

Original Air Date: 1/05/95

While admiring Mr. Pitt's expensive tennis racquet, publishing executive Jocelyn Landis asks to borrow it. And, hoping it could lead to a new job, Elaine agrees, even though Pitt needs it for an upcoming match. As Elaine points out that Jerry's new girlfriend never laughs, Kramer suggests that the fashion model George has been dating is bulimic. While Jerry tries out some jokes on Sandi and realizes Elaine is right, George is determined to learn the truth about Nina. And, as George is seeking someone to help, Kramer reveals that his estranged mother Babs is a ladies room attendant. After beating her brother at tennis for the first time ever, Landis is injured while jumping the net. Taken with her devotion to the game, Elaine cannot bring herself to take back the racquet just yet. So, she considers borrowing one from Newman, whose racquet is identical to Pitt's. As they are arranging for Babs to eavesdrop on Nina in a restaurant bathroom, George overhears her use Kramer's first name. Realizing the truth is out, Kramer decides to put the past behind him and start using it from now on. Meanwhile, when Jerry discovers that Sandi's roommate is attractive and laughs at everything, he decides to make a switch and date Laura instead. Although George suggests putting off Sandi by proposing a menage a trois with her roommate, the plan backfires when both women agree. When Kramer convinces Babs to quit her job to join him in business, George is left without anyone to spy on Nina. So, he peeks in the restaurant's ladies room himself, only to catch a surprised Nina powdering her nose. Meanwhile, still without Pitt's racquet, Elaine asks Kramer for a key to Newman's apartment so she can to borrow his. And, thinking he is away for the weekend, Kramer agrees. However, he and Elaine aren't the only ones surprised when they find Newman and Babs entwined on the couch. Finally, as Sandi and Laura prepare for sexual adventure, Jerry panics and bows out.

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#97 -- The Label Maker

Original Air Date: 1/19/95

Jerry gives two Super Bowl tickets to Tim Whatley because he is in the Drake's wedding on Super Bowl Sunday. Tim asks Newman to go to the Super Bowl but then takes the ticket back to ask Elaine. Tim sends Jerry a label maker to thank him but Elaine suspects it is the same label maker she gave to Tim as a gift. George is excited to see his girlfriend Bonnie's apartment but quickly becomes disappointed when he meets her male roommate, Scott, who looks just like him. Kramer and Newman become obsessed with playing the game of world domination, Risk.

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#98 -- The Scofflaw

Original Air Date: 01/26/95

George is upset because everyone else knew their friend Gary Fogel had cancer. Despite a generous offer of a good deal on parking, George still presses for a secret, and Gary reveals that he wasn't sick after all. Meanwhile, after seeing Elaine's ex-boyfriend promoting his new book on TV, Kramer decides he likes his glasses. Approaching Jake Jarmel about them, Kramer then oversteps his authority and says that Elaine said hello. When George is unable to keep his secret, Jerry is upset since he gave Gary money for a toupee because he thought he was in chemotherapy. Yet, wanting the parking space, George asks him not to do anything rash and, though tempted, Jerry respects his wishes. As Elaine tracks down Jake to say that she didn't authorize the greeting, Kramer inadvertently interferes with a determined cop's pursuit of a notorious scofflaw. Meanwhile, as George discovers that an old friend didn't really tell Gary to tell him to call her, Elaine gets an idea for revenge when she spots a passerby with glasses like Jake's. But, after selling them to Elaine, his impaired vision causes their former owner to step in front of George's car. As a result off the accident, the scofflaw escapes yet again -- but not before Kramer sees that it's Newman! Even after learning that Gary used his toupee to pick up a woman he's interested in, George cannot bring himself to jeopardize his parking space. And, convinced that it will help him with women, too, George decides to get a toupee. But at the fitting, Jerry's negative comments upset the sensitive salesman. Then, as Elaine is flaunting her new glasses for Jake, Kramer persuades Newman to turn himself in. Running into her old boss, Elaine offers Lippman the glasses after he admires them. Meanwhile, a judge orders Newman to keep his car in a lot, forcing George to give up the parking space. So, with no reason to keep his secret any longer, he gives Jerry the OK to confront Gary. Finally, Lippman signs Jake to his new publishing company, only to have the deal collapse when the author sees the glasses.

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#99 & #100 -- Highlights of a Hundred

Original Air Date: 2/02/95

INTRODUCTION: This special 100th episode of SEINFELD looks back at the moments which have defined the show, including George's sexual liaison with a cleaning woman, Elaine's pesky "red dot," and Kramer's effort to save a severed toe. And Jerry also looks at his own foibles, such as making out during "Schindler's List" and his collaboration with George on a sitcom pilot.. .about nothing. RELATIONSHIPS: Always fertile ground, relationships are the next stop in this SEINFELD retrospective. In addition to Elaine's date with baseball star Keith Hernandez, there is George's too close encounter with his secretary, as well as Jerry's inability to remember a girlfriend's unusual name. AMBITION: Jerry's friends are prominently featured in this next segment, particularly George's aspiration to be a famous architect and the frequent use of his association with the fictitious Vandelay Industries. But Elaine and Kramer aren't immune as she's caught trying to impress a famous author, while he's shown in one of his many efforts to start a new business. OFF THE SUBJECT: In a "show about nothing," what could be more appropriate than frequent digressions from matters at hand, including analyses of decaf cappucino and Superman's sense of humor, as well as Jerry's argument over whether soup makes a meal. SELF IMAGES: SEINFELD's self-absorbed characters provide more fruitful ground for the "The Clip Show." Included are arguments over who is the bigger idiot, and Elaine's realization that she's become George just as he's decided to "do the opposite." CATCH PHRASES: One of SEINFELD'S most endearing themes is the use of clever catch phrases. Included here are "Hate the Drake," "The High Talker," "The Low Talker" and "The Close Talker," and the now-classic "Master of His Domain." SENSITIVITY: To close this special 100th episode Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer look back on some of their most "sensitive" moments, including an encounter with the Bubble Boy, a miraculous slip of a Junior Mint and the shocking surprise revealed by an accidental fire at a friend's family cabin.

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#101 -- The Beard

Original Air Date: 2/09/95

After agreeing to pose as a gay man's girlfriend in order to fool his boss, Elaine criticizes George's toupee. But seeing how he's brimming with self-confidence, Kramer suggests George date an old friend who is moving to town. However, George will only agree only after seeing a picture, so he and Jerry join Kramer at the police station to have a sketch artist draw one. Meanwhile, Kramer gives some Chinese food to a homeless man, who then refuses to return its Tupperware container. After attending the ballet with Robert, Elaine decides she can convert him to heterosexuality. And when George arranges to meet Denise, Jerry suggests that he either admit to wearing a toupee or not wear it at all. As Kramer is being hired to participate in a police line-up, Jerry is given a tour of the station by Sergeant Cathy Tiemey. However, when he claims he doesn't watch TV's "Melrose Place," Cathy suggests a lie detector test to prove it. After admitting to Elaine that he lied, Jerry then turns to George for advice on beating the test. Meanwhile, when George refuses to date Denise because she is bald, Elaine accuses him of hypocrisy and throws his toupee out the window. While Elaine is springing her plan on Robert, losing the toupee makes George feel like his old self again and he decides to continue seeing Denise. As Elaine announces her success and Jerry gets some advice on lying from George, Kramer makes another appearance in a police line-up. But Jerry breaks down during his lie detector test and admits the truth, while Elaine is stunned to find that Robert's conversion was only temporary. Finally, Denise rejects George because he's bald, while the homeless man gets revenge by picking Kramer out of a police line.

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#102 -- The Kiss Hello

Original Air Date: 02/16/95

After Jerry's grandmother calls for help in opening a bottle of ketchup, he and George meet with Elaine and Wendy, a physical therapist with the irritating habit of kissing hello. To top it all off, none of them are too fond of Wendy's dated hairstyle. When George asks about swelling in his arm, despite Elaine's warning against mixing business and pleasure, Wendy invites him to stop by her office for treatment. At his grandmother's, Jerry is surprised to find his Uncle Leo there ready to help. But in the process, Nana brings up the fifty dollars that Leo was to have given Jerry's mom over fifty years ago. Meanwhile, Jerry is reluctant to participate when Kramer wants to post pictures of their building's tenants in the lobby. Told of the accusation, Jerry's dad immediately begins computing the interest which his wife Helen is owed -- if Leo he really did what Nana has suggested. After Kramer encourages Wendy to keep her hairstyle, he manages to get a photograph of Jerry against his will. And, despite not liking the idea, Jerry sees that the pictures have brought the tenants closer together. When George arrives for a rescheduled appointment with Wendy, he is surprised when he's charged for another he missed. Meanwhile, when Uncle Leo puts Nana in a rest home, the Seinfelds are sure it's to keep them from learning any more about the money. When Wendy cancels their next appointment, George asks for a cancellation fee, too. Yet, little does he know that the physical therapist took the day off to go skiing with Elaine. And, when he learns the truth, he retaliates by offering his blunt opinion of her hair. Meanwhile, Morty is convinced that Leo is a crook. So Helen asks Jerry to check on Nana at her new home -- where an old friend backs up her story about the money. Finally, when the photos force him to ask that they stop kissing him hello, Jerry's neighbors turn against him.

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#103 -- The Doorman

Original Air Date: 2/23/95

After an uncomfortable encounter with Mr. Pitt's doorman, Jerry insists on waiting until he's off duty before he and Elaine leave. When Pitt calls home and suspects her of having a party in his absence, he warns Elaine about Mrs. Payton, the head of the building co-op committee. While hosting his father after the break up of his parents, George discovers that Frank has breasts. Meanwhile, Kramer plays a practical joke on some German tourists by pretending to rob George. As George worries about developing large breasts himself, Kramer designs a new undergannent and presents Frank with "The Bro" - the bra for men. However, when she and George arrive just as he is trying it on, Estelle assumes that her husband is wearing women's underwear. Insisting he would like to be friends, Jerry agrees to watch the building's door while the doorman runs out to the store. But, when he doesn't return as promised and Jerry flees his post, the couch in the lobby is stolen. Then, as Elaine's lies fail to keep her out of trouble and Jerry suspects the doorman of setting up the theft to discredit him, Mrs. Payton demands that they replace the couch -- or else. Frank takes Kramer's invention to a friend in the bra business. However, when Sid Farkus asks about dating Estelle, Frank refuses to do business with him. Wanting to get rid of his father, George offers Elaine his couch-- the one Jerry gave him after Mr. Poppie relieved himself on it. Unable to live with the thought of her husband in women's underwear, Estelle arrives to take Frank home. But, upon learning she has a date with Sid, he refuses to go. Although Jerry replaces the stolen couch with George's, he and Elaine are unable to keep Mr. Poppie from using it one more time. Then, one of the German tourists tries to have Kramer arrested, until he learns about "The Bro." Finally, without a couch to sleep on, Frank climbs into bed with George.

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#104 -- The Jimmy

Original Air Date: 3/16/95

After they beat Jerry and Kramer at basketball, George's teammate Jimmy attributes his own amazing play to his unusual training shoes. Summoned into work right after the game, George is told of some equipment thefts, unaware that his own profuse sweating has made making him the prime suspect. After being given Mr. Pitt's tickets to a benefit for mentally challenged adults featuring singer Mel Tormé, Elaine decides to ask a handsome gym member to join her. Although she fails to get his attention, Elaine does catch Jimmy's eye. And when Jimmy makes a pass at her, a misunderstanding causes Elaine to think she has arranged a date with the handsome man. When they go into business together selling the training shoes, George's deal is jeopardized when Jimmy js injured in an accidental fall -- one caused by Kramer's uncontrollable drooling after he returned from the dentist loaded up with Novocaine. And it's this drooling combined with the loping gait caused by his new training shoes that makes Kramer appear mentally challenged, prompting an invitation to the Mel Tormé benefit as an honored guest. Meanwhile, Jerry is disturbed to find that dentist Tim Whatley keeps Penthouse magazines in the office. Kramer suspects that Tim's new assistant is featured in the latest issue of risque magazine, leaving Jerry to wonder what kind of dentist he's gotten himself mixed up with --especially after he comes out of his anesthesia to find Tim and Cheryl putting their clothes back on. When a Yankee executive misunderstands George's phone call about the training shoes, he accuses him of being the equipment thief. Told of Elaine's conversation at the gym, Jerry realizes her mistake and explains that she's actually agreed to go to the benefit with Jimmy. Yet, upon learning that her real target is gay, Elaine decides to go ahead and take George's injured partner. However, when he sees Kramer at the benefit, Jimmy loses his cool. Finally, after George manages to persuade the Yankee's owner of his innocence, Kramer discovers a letter to Penthouse suggesting that Jerry may have been the unwitting target of Tim's sexual experimentation.

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#105 -- The Doodle

Original Air Date: 4/06/95

With Jerry shocked to find that the pecans he's been eating off Shelly's plate have already been in her mouth, George is stunned by Paula's doodle -- an unflattering caricature of him. Knowing they take a drawing class together, George turns to Elaine and finds out that Paula likes him, regardless of his looks. Meanwhile, when she's called for a big job interview, Elaine is offered use of the company's luxury suite at the Plaza Hotel after claiming she's from out of town and using Jerry's parent's Florida address as her own. After discovering that it's infested with fleas, Jerry must vacate his apartment just as his mom and dad arrive to visit his grandmother, Nana. So he persuades Elaine to let them use her suite at the Plaza while he stays with Shelly. At the opulent hotel, Helen and Morty quickly take advantage of the situation and invite Uncle Leo and Nana to join them. Meanwhile, told that a package sent to her at the Seinfeld's address in Florida was a manuscript she's to read before the interview, Elaine discovers she'll have to retrieve it from Jerry's. But there, she and Jerry find Kramer has been inside the poison-filled apartment eating peaches and reading the manuscript for over an hour. And while Elaine cannot find it, when she races in to look, she does find old candy wrappers which point to Newman as the source of Jerry's fleas. While Newman breaks down and admits he infested the apartment, Jerry's family runs up a huge bill at the hotel. After giving Elaine his synopsis of the missing novel, Kramer finds that the insecticide has caused him to lose his sense of taste, while Jerry is suddenly without a place to stay after refusing to use Shelly's toothbrush. Although her recitation of Kramer's review lands her the job, the hotel bill causes the offer to be withdrawn when Elaine is blamed for the damage caused by Jerry's family. Finally, having found someone to indulge his passion for draping his body in velvet, George announces that his search for the perfect woman is over.

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#106 -- The Fusili Jerry

Original Air Date: 4/27/95

While on a date with car mechanic David Puddy, Elaine is surprised to find he uses a "Move" in bed which Jerry invented. Although Elaine enjoys it, Jerry insists that his mechanic stop using the Move at once. After announcing that she's getting cosmetic eye surgery, Estelle asks George to drive her home from the hospital. But an appointment at work forces George to ask Kramer for help. Meanwhile, when he goes to pick up his new license plates, Kramer discovers an embarrassing mix-up. After pressing Jerry for the details of the Move so he can try it too, George gets it wrong and injures his girlfriend Nancy. Accused of stealing the Move, David ends his relationship with Jerry and his car, telling Elaine that he's going to come up with something all his own. After constructing a statue of Jerry out of fusilli pasta, Kramer picks up Estelle while sporting the new license plates...ones which read "Assman." As a sudden turn causes her to lurch forward, Estelle gets the wrong impression when Kramer tries to steady her and accidentally grabs her breast. Meanwhile, worried about being taken advantage of by a new mechanic, Jerry asks Elaine to get an estimate from David, without him knowing who it's for. Though unimpressed with his wife's new eye job, Frank is furious when Estelle claims that Kramer stopped short in order to fondle her breast -- a move Mr. Costanza claims he invented years ago. Meanwhile, after he successfully uses Jerry's Move, Nancy is upset to find that George had notes written on his hand. Convinced that a new mechanic is ripping him off, Jerry then lets David have the Move back in order to get his damaged car repaired. When Frank arrives to settle his score with Kramer, the shoving match that follows ends with him falling directly on top of the fusilli sculpture. And while they are at the proctologist's office to have it removed, Kramer finally finds the owner of the license plates he has been using.

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#107 -- The Diplomats' Club

Original Air Date: 5/04/95

With Jerry heading off to meet his supermodel girlfriend Bridgette at the airport's exclusive Diplomat's Club, Elaine decides to quit working for Mr. Pitt -- until she learns that he's changing his will to include her. Stopping at a pharmacy en route to the airport, Jerry recommends several over-the-counter medications to another customer, not realizing that it's Mr. Pitt. And when Pitt collapses after taking the drugs, Elaine is suspected of trying to kill him. Meanwhile, after making a remark that his boss interprets as a racial slur, George decides Morgan should see him with one of his black friends, even as Jerry points out that he doesn't have any. As George seeks a black man to pose as his friend, Kramer and Earl, a passenger at the Diplomat's Club, gamble on the arrival times of airplanes. Meanwhile, Jerry's short trip for a performance prior to meeting Bridgette becomes a nightmare thanks to his worrisome booking agent, Katie. And after their humorless airline pilot sees the show, he refuses to take off for the return flight to New York with Jerry on board. Desperate to get to back to meet Bridgette, Jerry calls Elaine for help. But Pitt's lawyer overhears them discussing travel arrangements and assumes it's part of a murder conspiracy. Down by $3,000, Kramer calls Newman to help cover his gambling losses to Earl, while Jerry and Katie get lost driving back and end up crashing their rented car into a backyard pool. Then, George invites a black exterminator to lunch, only to have Morgan shocked by his comments about the restaurant's poor sanitation. And as Mr. Pitt identifies Jerry on a TV news report as the man from the pharmacy who tried to kill him, Earl accuses Kramer of cheating after realizing he won a bet that Jerry's plane would been delayed. Finally, as Jerry's half-hour with Bridgette is interrupted by the nosy pilot and Elaine is cut out of Pitt's will, George is demoted at work.

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#108 -- The Understudy

Original Air Date: 5/11/95

Upon learning that Bette Midler, the star of the upcoming Broadway musical Rochelle Rochelle, is playing against Jerry and George in their next softball game, Kramer comes along hoping to meet her. However, when she's injured by George sliding into home plate and the crowd discovers Jerry is dating her understudy, Gennice, they are accused of conspiring to keep Bette out of the show. Meanwhile, because he's fluent in Korean, Elaine takes George's dad to a nail salon to confirm suspicions that the manicurists are talking about her behind her back. It's then she learns of Frank's love affair with a woman in Korea, one in which he was rebuffed by her strict father for refusing to remove his shoes because of his foot odor. Convinced that they conspired to injure Bette in order to get her a big break, Gennice thanks Jerry and George. Yet Kramer heads for the hospital where he slavishly devotes himself to making the injured singer comfortable. As he's chastising the rude manicurists, Frank is reunited with the woman he left behind in Korea many years ago. But, suggesting they now spend the rest of their lives together, Kim takes offense when Frank uses his old "move" to fondle her breasts. Meanwhile, thrown out of the salon and sent into the street crying, Elaine is consoled by a catalog clothing icon. As a result of Bette's injury, Gennice is suddenly recognized everywhere as the woman who hired a pair of vicious hit men to advance her career. And when things become too hectic as Jeny and the others arrive at the hospital to apologize, Kramer spirits Bette away to the safety of his apartment. Finally, on the musical's opening night, Gennice is unnerved by the boos of Bette Midler's vengeful fans.

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