Season 1

The Pilot Male Unbonding The Stakeout The Robbery The Stock Tip

#1 -- The Pilot

Original Air Date: 7/05/89

Laura, a woman Jerry met during a trip to Lansing, has called to say she is coming to New York on business and might like to see him while she is in town. Although Jerry is convinced Laura is interested in romance, George disagrees, saying her non-committal attitude means she is only being polite. After hearing their argument, Claire, a waitress in their local coffee shop, agrees with George's assessment. Jerry's neighbor Kessler offers to speak with Laura to find out her intentions, but Jerry declines, now thinking the whole thing has been a misunderstanding. However, as they are talking, Laura calls, wanting to know if she can stay with Jerry for the weekend. Hearing of this new development, George admits he must have been wrong about Laura. Jerry arranges for George to give him a ride to the airport where the two of them meet Laura. Returning to his apartment, Jerry is intrigued when Laura asks to stay an extra day, wanting to spend it on a boat ride around Manhattan with him. Laura then receives a phone call from an anxious fiancee, prompting her to tell a disappointed Jerry never to get married.

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#2 -- Male Unbonding

Original Air Date: 5/30/90

Jerry comes home to his apartment to find his neighbor, Kramer, on the phone with Joel, a childhood acquaintance who Jerry doesn't like but has felt obligated to see all these years. Taking the phone from Kramer, Jerry is roped into seeing Joel once again. Upset at having made the date, Jerry searches for a way to break his friendship off with Joel. Over lunch, Jerry tries being honest with Joel, teffing him their friendship is not working out and that he would rather not have to see him again. However, when Joel gets upset, Jerry backs down, telling him to forget everything he said. To make it up to him, Jerry offers him a ticket to a basketball game; a ticket which he had already promised to his friend George. Telling Joel he is too busy to go to the game, Jerry offers him both tickets. When Elaine learns of his plight, she helps Jerry compile a list of excuses he can use whenever he needs to get out of seeing Joel. Returning from the game with Kramer, Joel inquires about Elaine. Jerry tells him to not ask her out, asking him to leave and not come back. Joel exits but returns minutes later begging to be let in as Jerry and Elaine listen quietly from behind a locked door.

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#3 -- The Stakeout

Original Air Date: 6/07/90

Jerry Seinfeld, a nightclub comedian, and his ex-girlfriend, Elaine, agree to join each other as dates for some upcoming social obligations. While at a birthday party for a friend of Elaine's, Jerry meets Vanessa, an attractive young lawyer. Although she leaves before he learns her name, Jerry does manage to remember the name of her law firm. While wanting to see her again, Jerry is reluctant to ask Elaine for her name, fearing she will be upset about his interest in another woman. Unsure about what to do, Jerry takes his father's advice and stakes out the lobby of Vanessa's office at lunch time. Along with his friend, George, Jerry invents a story to explain his being in the lobby. Seeing Vanessa, Jerry strikes up a conversation and manages to get a date. Learning that she knows of his rendezvous with Vanessa, Jerry is nervous about seeing Elaine again. She arrives at his apartment for their date to attend his cousin's wedding and admits that she, too, staked out the lobby of the office of a man she was interested in. Relieved of his guilt, Jerry decides he and Elaine should continue as best friends.

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#4 -- The Robbery

Original Air Date: 6/14/90

When Jerry goes Out of town for the weekend, Elaine comes to stay in his apartment to get a break from her roommate. When she complains to George about needing another apartment, he claims to have a good possibility in Jerry's price range, leaving his apartment open for Elaine. Returning from his trip to find the apartment has been robbed, Jerry decides to take George up on his offer and look for a new place to live. When Jerry sees the apartment George recommended, he decides to move and let Elaine have his old place. After selling Elaine his couch, Jerry learns that George would also like to move into the new apartment. Uncomfortable with moving in while knowing of George's interest, Jerry suggests they flip a coin with the winner getting the apartment. When George disputes the result of the toss, they play a game of choose, which Jerry wins. Feeling bad about taking an apartment George wanted, Jerry offers to give it up. When George refuses his offer to let him have the place, Jerry decides not to move in anyway, leaving Elaine without a new apartment and no new couch as well. After he rents the new apartment to a waitress who overheard their arguing about it, George and Jerry are invited to a housewarming where they learn just how wonderful living there could have been.

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#5 -- The Stock Tip

Original Air Date: 6/21/90

George has been given a stock market tip and, after going in for $5,000, wants Jerry to invest $2,500 too. Meanwhile, Jerry asks Vanessa, a girl he is dating, to go to Vermont for a weekend together. Although she is unsure about the consequences, Jerry assures Vanessa it will help to move their relationship along. After buying the stock, Jerry is depressed when it does nothing but lose money. Out nearly half his investment, Jerry calls George, demanding he contact Wilkenson, the source of the tip, to find out what is going on. When they learn Wilkenson is in the hospital, George decides to go and see him personally. Demanding the stock be sold, Jerry leaves for his Vermont getaway with Vanessa, where it rains the entire weekend. While looking through the newspaper, Jerry discovers the stock he sold rebounded. Returning to New York, Jerry finds George several thousand dollars richer, while he is left with only his loss.

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