Test Your Knowledge of The Funniest Show on Television

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1. What is the Name of Kramer's "Company"

  1. Cosmo Inc.
  2. Kramerico Industries
  3. Microsoft
  4. H & H Bagels

2. On What Show in Japan did Jerry make an Appearance on?

  1. The Superterrific Happy Hour
  2. The Comedy Bonanza
  3. Standup Comedy Starsearch
  4. Grand Comedy Central

3. What is the Maestro's real name?

  1. Joe Devola
  2. Ben Peterman
  3. Bob Cobb
  4. Mickey

4. Who is Jerry's favorite superhero?

  1. The Flash
  2. The Human Torch
  3. Captain America
  4. Superman

5. Who is not someone Elaine has worked for?

  1. Mr. Lippman
  2. Dr. Van Nostrand
  3. J. Peterman
  4. Mr. Pitt

6. What did Kramer trade Newman for the helmet that saved him when Joe Devola kicked him in the head?

  1. A bucket of Kenny's fried chicken
  2. A radar detector
  3. Jerry's skis
  4. A fax machine

7. Why is George arrested in the parking garage?

  1. Public Urination
  2. Prostitution
  3. Spitting on a car
  4. Stealing an air conditioner

8. Who is Yev Kasem?

  1. The Pakistani Restaurenteur
  2. The Drunk on the Plane who owns the dog Farfel
  3. The Soup Nazi
  4. Jerry's Barber

Now For the Answers

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