Kramer and his boxers

Kramer complaining about his boxer shorts.

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Sounds with a * are new

Jerry Sounds

The Stench Jerry's Reservation The Magic Lugie The Chunky Insurance
Swimming Trunks The Irony He Chooses Not to Run He is not Gay Bending his Mind to a Pretzel
Diabolical * To the Idiotmobile! * * 2nd hand smoke * * Jackass * * She called an audible *
* An awkward moment * * Breaking up is like... * * A Bubbleboy * * The 2nd Button * * Living under a Nazi Regime *
* I don't wanna be a Pirate! * * Jerry - censored * * George is going to hell at 3mph * * Nancy Drew * * I haven't vomited in 13 years *
* Do me a favor * * Like a frightened turtle * * Helloooooo! (1) * * Helloooooo! (2) * * Slapping Hands *
* I got jiggy with it * * I would kill you * * Little Jerry * * What a good mechanic is worth * * Good naked and bad naked *
* I see a nipple * * There was no pick * * I am not an animal! * * A giant ball of oil! * * Pimple popper M.D. *
* Shallow Observations * * Shmoopie * * Another shot * * So long... * * Spock dies... *
* You will be stunned! * * I did something stupid * * Little Jerry * * This is so !@#$%^ good! * * Takes a big zit... *
* Jerry's bit on prison * * I had a dream that... * * Cheapness is not a sense * * Cinnamon! * * Good naked and bad naked *

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George Sounds

George is Tough Discovering Plutonium Details Angry Sea Answering Machine
Ego Fantasy Camp Lesbianism Mental Instution George was in the Pool
Pretending to be an Architect A bigger Idiot Bald Head and Oil George's Dad the Cook George has significant shrinkage
George needs Hand Not a lie if you Believe Can't handle the Truth

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Elaine Sounds

Stella! Maybe the Dingo Ate Your Baby Elaine dislikes the Drake Elaine doesn't have a square to spare

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Kramer Sounds

The Bus You're Crazy! The Assman Stink Society
Scotch Junior Mint Beefareeno Kramer is like Ice Ohhh Yeah!
Kramer saw a Pigman Kramer finds the Mother Lode Guessing George's Password Who wants to have some fun! Digity Dog
Yo Yo Ma You Better Believe It Mother Nature's a Mad Scientist

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Mixed Sounds

Seinfeld Theme(l) Seinfeld Theme(s) Chaos Newman is Insulted Get Better George
Wasting Your Life Surgery Pretzels Look in the Mirror The Little Man
George's girlfriend the crayon Pulp in George's eye TCB-Taking Care of Business Elaine's Dancing Frank - Serenity Now!

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